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I'll try to offer you more information about our beautiful Croatia. I'm not a tourist agency, but I am an affiliate of most of the agencies involved in the reservation process. I am also an affiliate of the car rental and various airline companies. I think it's good to have more insight into the different agencies and choose the one that suits you the best.

About Croatian vacations

Croatia-cost with its 1185 islands, islets and reefs has another indented coastline in Europe. The total length of the Croatian coastline is 4398 km. Of this waste on the islands 3573 km, 717 km to the islets, and rocks and reefs 107 km.

Croatia is a best place for vacations!


Let me introduce;)

beautiful  Croatian beaches, first class accommodations of the Hilton hotels, villas family farms beautiful sunset in the cheapest apartment to the sea organ, sporting events, rich historical culture, meet the best athletes the world and much more.

Planning a holiday in Croatia-lend?

Summer tan on the best Croatian Beache!

Experience and learn about one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


A country that offers every bit of pleasure, its peace and natural beauty.

On this page, I will present pieces of the country where I spend the summer with my family.

A country with a thousand islands, sea blue pearl, flat plain of Slavonia, large vineyards and beautiful national parks.

A country that has a rich historical culture and a very important geographical position in the whole world.

Experience Croatia and its natural beauty in a unique way that will always remain in the loving Memory and maybe you will come back.

1000 islands and islets bathed in sunlight and torn coastline with many resorts offer a variety of attractions that will satisfy all your desires. Water sports, sea baths, night clubs, discos, restaurants, cafes - the famed Croatian cities of Dubrovnik to Umag buzzing with life from morning until evening, so it certainly will not bother them.

On the beautiful Adriatic coast tour you will merge with lounging on the sun rays on the crystal clear Adriatic Sea. Magical amphitheater in Pula, the monumental works of Dubrovnik, the beautiful national parks like Krka waterfalls and lakes, which is recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage are just a part of the fascinating places you must see! Staying in Croatia-lend, you can not, not to taste the local delicious cuisine, which is mixed Italian, Turkish, Greek and Balkan influences. A delicious meal is the best start of the Croatian glass of excellent wine ... Warm and clear blue water, blue sky, the morning song of the crickets, the sweet smell of lavender, cypress and oleanders, rich history, diverse cuisine and Slavic hospitality guarantee a successful vacation.

Can you imagine a better place for your vacation?

I hope that you have decided to visit my beautiful country and plan to come to our shores illuminated full sun, clear sea air, where the smell of pine, lavender, and wild had other, and in the morning wakes you up song of crickets. Experience the history, culture and pristine nature. Swim and dive into the beautiful deep blue sea.

In addition, for the rest of the world and the beautiful places like ours you can see more.

Plan and book your best holiday in the world

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