How we prepare for the Easter in Croatia?

Easter is the biggest Christian holiday and we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter includes three days.

Good Friday, Saturday and Sunday-Easter.

My Christianity in Croatia is preparing for Easter 40 days. This period is calling Lent (KORIZMA). A week before Easter we celebrated Palm Sunday (Cvjetnica). It ‘s begins   celebration of  Holy Week. As every Christian holiday, this marked by symbols and customs: Decoration and making eggs, preparation of various desserts and traditional food Hams. The symbols are the little chickens, rabbits and of course chocolate Easter-eggs.

Easter eggs are a symbol of LIFE!


Given to each other as a traditional gift and different messages: In Međimurje a message “One Easter-egg for a kiss." The girls from Podravine their eggs that they have received like a gift putt to the window. In addition, in the far south of Croatian in Dubrovnik girls give those eggs to boyfriend and baked braid for mother-in-law.

 The people are making traditional healer or Pisanica - coloring eggs the old-fashioned way. We in Croatia decorate Easter eggs whit natural and artificial colours. For colouring the natural way using shell onions, beet, spinach, nettles and various berries. Husks soak in water and cook with eggs. Special techniques we use further decorate whit the wax, decoration plants and decoration straw.

In recent years, more and more there are workshops for making Easter eggs as part of tourism of Easter in Croatia.


Izložba pisanica pansion Merkež


People set on Holy Saturday before the Easter Vigil, often  bonfires aka (Vuzmenka).  Fire is cutting stone with a stone and then the fire spread to the wooden pieces. It is worming at home as a blessed fire.

Seaside tradition is a little different.  The people in Dalmacija produced clappers and ratchets. Arrangements vary from region to region, and on the island look like this: at the end of a 30 cm long wooden planks wide bookcase tied to metal plates that hang on the edge of the raising and lowering clappers produce strong sound. In other regions, clappers made so that at the end attached to wooden boards, wheels were connected to metal Tines and percussion that would be while driving when twirled and clapper.

Traditional food for  Easter in Croatia?

Good Friday is a traditional post and most eaten fish. In the Croatian mainland are mostly beans, dried fruits, compotes, and cheese strudel pastry with nuts and poppy seeds. It also eats fish. At continental patterns and pike, in Istria and Dalmatia coast saltwater fish and seafood. Strict post means that once a day eats satisfied, while the other two meals are symbolic.


On Holy Saturday, or the day before Easter, eats the same as on Friday, only thicker. Preparing the food basket that is worn to church to be blessed. Baskets usually contain ham and neck, sausage, boiled Easter eggs, horseradish and green onions. In Slavonia chuck in a bottle of brandy. In Continental Croatian baskets containing white bread, cheese pie in Dalmatia, in coastal Pinca. These are ritual rolls. Throughout Croatia baked bread in the form of braids that can be entangled egg. On Easter carries food to the blessing of the church. Bless the food is the first dish that everyone must eat.


In some areas, the hostess must quickly come home to corn He dug to quickly born. Tablecloth that covered the basket and fell to the fruit trees, that was stronger and healthier, and the shell of the egg dedicated cast into the furrow of digging to better born.


Easter lunch is generous. In northern Croatia eaten chicken or turkey, and lamb south in Karlovac. At sea eats the best white fish, snapper or dream Pierre. Attachment is always plentiful and even eaten onions and horseradish.

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