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Istra is the largest Adriatic peninsula located on the northern Adriatic Sea, near the Alps. The peninsula Istra is full of greenery and Mediterranean air. Research and its inhabitants have always been oriented to the sea since the long coastal line of 469.5 kilometers. More that three sides by the Istria coast is known today as one of the most beautiful and cleanest in the world.

Istrians have been all these years its tourist offer improved to the top.

Therefore, they divided the Istra on the Blue and Green Istra.

Blue Istria is the coast of Istra and Green Istria is a wonderful vacation that offers peace and tranquility in historic villages.

Places in Istra

Savudrija - a small fishing village on a small peninsula and is a favorite romantic oasis of beauty lovers, history and blue sea.

The beaches are rocky and surrounded by pine trees. Due to favorable climatic conditions is a favorite destination for surfers who are in a perpetual quest for the right winds.

The beaches are suitable for small children

Savudrija Beach is gravel with some rocky sections that can accommodate your chairs. On the beach, the blue flags as a symbol of the purity of sea and beaches. Above the beach is a camping village with several catering facilities, sports facilities and swimming pools.

Umag - originated on the island, as a valuable jewel surrounded by the blue sea, became the home of the Roman nobles who here built their luxurious villas, some of which still defy time. Umag is proud and ancient castles, towers, defiant, rich Venetian houses, ancient churches and small but striking details, each with their stories.

Umago is best known for the ATP - tournament.

The beaches in Umago are decorated with a blue flag and part of the tourist resorts.

Beach Aurora in Umag tourist Katoro

Kanger Umag beaches covered with fine gravel, surrounded by greenery, which provides plenty of shade and is ideal for the whole day. Above it is a tourist resort which offers various activities for children and adults. Because of their quality and content of the beach is the proud holder of each year the Blue Flag.

Beach Sol Polynesia is partly paved, and in some parts rocky and surrounded by large pine trees. It has a blue flag because it has beautiful clear waters.

Laguna Beach Stella Maris is sandy. There are a variety of activities and entertainment for the whole day on the beach, from catering to a wide selection of water sports.

Novigrad is a small fishing village. From ancient times that is a very romantic place and I can affirm it, because I saw a beautiful morning sunrise, which I carry for twenty years in my heart. Enjoy the evening on the west side of the old town in beautiful sunset.

The beaches are decorated and award-winning blue flag.

Porec carries the title of most visited resort in Istria and Croatia. Years of awards for its quality and popularity, the city of Porec its inhabitants, yet the people's favorite rivers which are flowing through it each year.

Porec beaches are all decorated and the costume of a blue flag. They are mostly gravel and paved with an abundance of pine shadows. There are a loot of water sports and restaurants.

The beach on the island

St. Nicholas was near the town of Porec, Porec, which has the most beautiful beaches surrounded by nature itself. You can reach it by boat within a few minutes.

Blue Lagoon beach promenade is connected.

The rich culinary tradition, that emphasizes the culture of food preparation. This was recognized as the generations, yet inevitable uniqueness of this area. She remained faithful tradition of Istrian cuisine, but she added spices and flavorings by the experiences of old cookbooks, and is now offering traditional dishes prepared in such a special way, fulfill your desire for authentic Mediterranean cuisine, the spontaneous forgotten culinary delight! Widely known Istrian ham, pork loin and sausages here have a special taste and smell, and seafood and fish are the offspring of noble idyllic archipelago in which blend beauty, joy and tradition

Vrsar and Funtana, a small fishing village between Porec and Lim channel with its unique archipelago of idyllic islands, green atmosphere and crystal clear waters offer perfect conditions for your holiday.

Paradise for boaters whit big marina with 190 berths.

The West has placed the most romantic place in Rovinj, believe that you will fall in love again.

In Rovinj and its surroundings you will experience the magic and the amazing nature of inheritance, fill our hearts with love, true romance and memories that are only found in this green corner of the Mediterranean.

Rabac is a paradise for artists.

With beautiful views you will see Rabac, a small former fishing village, now a beautiful tourist destination with excellent preserved environment, which deservedly known as 'the pearl of Kvarner'. Pearl you are opening in all its beauty, beautifully landscaped low beach, carefully maintained and equipped with all amenities for a most pleasant stay at sea. Many restaurants along the promenade and town center offer various wine and gastronomic specialties, among which should be the Kvarner scampi, appreciated the fruit of the Adriatic Sea for which you have probably already heard.


city of thousand years history of Roman temples defy baroque palaces, early Christian churches stand opposite the Austrian villas, and ruins of medieval walls intersected the ancient city gates.

Arena - gladiators and lions, once could accommodate 25 000 spectators. It is an imposing edifice that is perceived with delight, glorious history, which you can see, touch, experience, where they now hold only the largest cultural programs.

Along the promenade that stretches for miles in Pula 's coast are many pebble and rocky beaches. Valkane Beach, located in the bay, offers a wide selection of beaches that were awarded the Blue Flag. Part of the beach is for people with disabilities that is provided with a ramp and convenient access to the sea, and planning and arranging the cabins and sanitary facilities. Part of the Pula beach is sandy and suitable for families with children, a large part of the concrete where you can stretch out comfortably on the hammock.

Pleas visite the Arena in Pula at Istra

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I hope that you have decided to visit my beautiful country and plan to come to our shores illuminated full sun, clear sea air, where the smell of pine, lavender, and wild had other, and in the morning wakes you up song of crickets. Experience the history, culture and pristine nature. Swim and dive into the beautiful deep blue sea.

In addition, for the rest of the world and the beautiful places like ours you can see more.

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