Zadar city of Croatia

Zadar city, which shows the most beautiful sunsets in the world, hear abnormal sounds that should tell their legend and light plays in the rhythm of the waves as the sun salutation.

Zadar is one the historically very rich city on the Adriatic coast. Each stone has been woven in the streets of the city could tell a part of history.

Sea orgen Zadar

Zadar city and its surroundings are located in central Dalmatia. The entire region are known for its rich history, song - singing groups, sun, sea, olive oil, wine, fish, and picturesque village with houses. It is  a real blend Mediterranean.

It is the largest inhabited island of Pag Island, Ugljan, Long Island, Pasman and other smaller islands for nature lovers and sea paradise on earth. There are many hidden coves, National Park Kornati, and Paklenica like other beauties of our beautiful Adriatic.

Sunset Zadar
Greeting to the sun autor Andrej Šalov

 Zadar City is a central link between Croatian territory between   north and south. It has more of 3000 –year’s old history and cultural existence.

Zadar in the new era is famous for its unique built at sea organ, which make perfect natural marine-concert.

Sea – organ are located near the new cruiser port, as part of the waterfront. This is a blend of human ideas and skills and energy of the sea, waves, tide and flood, a place of relaxation, contemplation and conversation with a steady gig mystical tones "Orchestra of Nature."


Immediately upon completion of construction, the Sea Organ missed the metaphorical place in the city of Zadar, which is now the excitement Revisited by its citizens, and that has become a vital role in all tourist itineraries of Zadar and its region.

The most beautiful sunset will experience here in Zadar. The words of the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock's while he was staying in a hotel on the waterfront and watched the sunset from the windows of the then 204 rooms Hotel Zagreb, wrote the following: "Sun in Zadar is the most beautiful in the world and is incomparably more beautiful than the one in Key West, Florida . "


The next morning when the famous director stood in front of a large lens Zadar photographer Anthony Brkan who's managed to capture one of the best filmmaker portraits.

Now it boasts a new urban installation of the same architect as the Sea Organ SALUTE TO THE SUN. It is the lights plays the rhythm of the waves. Under the glass, conduction plates there are photovoltaic solar modules through which symbolic communication with nature, with the goal of, like the Sea organ is a Greeting to the Sun consists of three hundred multi-layered glass plates placed on the same level as the paved waterfront in the shape of a circle 22 meters in diameter. Under the glass conduction, plates there are photovoltaic solar modules through which symbolic communication with nature, with the goal of, as well as Sea Organs communication - do with sound and with light.


Simultaneously with the "most beautiful sunset in the world“, lighting elements installed within and on specially programmed scenario produce a marvellous, exceptionally impressive light in the rhythm of the waves and the sound of the sea organ.

Calendar St. Grisogono

Names and numbers carved on the ring surrounding the installation on the waterfront - Hello sun, are part of the calendar of St. Grisogono, resulting in Zadar and found the 1964th in the Bodleian Library in Oxford. It dates from the 1292nd or the 1293rd , and is among the oldest of such documents in the world, and possibly the first to astronomical data written in Arabic numerals. With the calendar with the seasons and the names of saints, has an astronomical ephemeris part which shows the sun, the coordinates of celestial bodies, their angular distances from certain fixed plane, straight lines or dots.  In addition, realize communication - do with sound and with light.


Zadar city in history, see more

Duke Branimir Nin Zadr

Things to do in Zadar

Kaleralga is older streets of the city that extends into the east-west direction from People's Square to the Forum.

It is not only the main street. It is astreet where it all begins and happens socializing, entertainment and leisure, popular celebrations and processions. Many first loves were born in this very street Kaleralga. My family and I when we stay in Bibinje worship go and walk down the street in the evening, eat ice cream at the ice cream St. Donat ... drink coffee in the numerous cafes and enjoy the sunset.

Church of St. Donatus – Patron of the City of Zadar

Initially dedicated to the Holy Trinity, only in the 15th century it started bearing today's name after the Zadar bishop Donatus who started the building of the church.

Zadar city is the richness of religious buildings and the long history. From all historical periods, they are preserved in many churches and monuments that are visible on the architectural works of art, from Roman times through the Middle Ages to the modern architecture. 70-odd of them located in the historical center of the city, while his other parts broader and immediate surrounding area has over 600 immovable cultural monuments.

Sv. Mary, church. Grisogono - Abbey Basilica, the Church of St.. Francis, the church of St. Sime Church edifice dedicated to Our Lady of Health, St.. Elias, church. Andrew, St. Dominica, St.. Elijah, the Shrine of Our Lady of Olives and the Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church of Our Lady of Olives,

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Church of St. Anastasia (Anastasia) - The cathedral is built in its present form in the Romanesque style in the 12th and 13 century, the largest cathedral in Dalmatia.

The legend of St.. Anastasia sure to read


The University of Zadar

Monumental Land Gate (Porta terraferma) Michele Sanmicheli from 1543. in port Foša

The city wall

Captain's Tower

Palaces, Nassis Petrizio, and Governor's Palace

Forte Fortress

Grisogono Palace

Five Wells Square

Zadar boatmen

Arsenal - City Square indoors

Roman Forum - the town square in the center of Zadar

People's Square: The Cradle of street lights and city cafe

National Museum Zadar

chrch Sv.Donat in Zadar

chrch Sv.Donat Zadar

church Sv.Donat Zadar

Do not forget to take a walk along the shore of King Petar Kresimir IV, which is the city's promenade with views of the harbour, Islands of Pasman and the open sea, which opens to the northwest. Take your time, sit down and enjoy sipping Maraschino - who was a favorite drop rulers and generals, and enjoy the beautiful view of the islands of Pasman and Ugljan.

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Zadar city top

I hope that you have decided to visit my beautiful country and plan to come to our shores illuminated full sun, clear sea air, where the smell of pine, lavender, and wild had other, and in the morning wakes you up song of crickets. Experience the history, culture and pristine nature. Swim and dive into the beautiful deep blue sea.

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