Kvarner Holiday planning - want to sail, walk, hike and swim - you are able to really enjoy on the beaches of Novi Vinodolski, Islend Krk...

Rivera-kvarner the northern part of the Croatian Mediterranean. Relax on the beautiful island of Krk, run, and cycle or just walk through the 200 km promenade, swim with dolphins, rich wellness in the Novi Vinodolski and spices all with good food and a glass of fine autochthon wine.

It is a destination where the summers spend all Hapsburg monarchy and their king in 1900 to heal body and soul.

The first hotel was open in the year 1884th G.

There is very mild climate and is therefore very suitable for health. If you have problems you or your loved ones from the airways, allergies recommend that you visit the Kvarner islands of Losinj. Believe me after a few hours stay in that beautiful clear climate you will feel that you have a nose - (asthmatics will understand me).

Losinj Island is dived into small Lošinj and large Lošinj best known for its specific healing climate. Ever since ancient times, people walked treat respiratory problems right on the island.

Rich flora and fauna is the product mix of Mediterranean and sub-Mediterranean climate. We have 48 protected species of rare orchids. We have best scampi in the world that goes along with the white wine varieties indigenous Zlahtina wines.

Besides beautiful benevolent climate that you can experience and see, the beautiful dolphins are protected species and Griffon vulture, which is the third largest bird in the world.

The entire Kvarner is aromatherapy outdoors. Some diseases will prevent only walking around the beautiful nature of the junction of forest, sea, calm and sunlit blue.

Largest islands are Krk and Cres.

The island of Krk is the northernmost island Mediterranean Sea that is a bridge (1430 m).

Coast of the island stretches more than 200 km. The coast is low and affordable with lots of small coves.

In the middle of the island are two lakes near place of Njivice and Ponikve. Krk is special for its caves Cave Biserujka, which is located near Omisalj.

Cres Island with its northern part closes Kvarner. With the island of Hvar is the longest island in the Adriatic Sea. Length of the bridge is 66 km and a width of 12 km. The island itself is famous for two climates. The northern part of the sub-Mediterranean climate and the central and southern part of the island's Mediterranean climate. Very interesting I must affect the climate of the island. The water of the sea summer is cooling and winter heating mainland shore.

The island is cover with olive trees and lot of herbs like sage. Nature is pure and untouched - really a paradise on earth.

Lošinj was once upon a time associated with the island of Cres. There are 250 km of walking trails along the coast and the island. The second name is the island of vitality and health. Dolphins surround the island, which is a sign of clear water.

Vacation to purify the respiratory channels, furthermore and good food Lošinj is right place for you.

Rijeka is the largest Croatian port and administrative centre of the coastal counties. Rijeka is an industrial city because of its port developed in the 19th Century and became a major port for the middle Balkans.

It is certainly a historic town. Tourism and Hospitality develops last decade, known by the Rijeka Carnival, held every year on the square Corso.

Crikvenica is a safe destination to reach the residents of Central Europe. Associated with the highway in the centre of Europe, and therefore exactly the fastest time coming. Tourism is a very developed in recent years and so it is always crowded with tourists and crowds.

Selce is a bay that has a very nice and clean beach with a blue flag. Town by a centuries-old tradition in tourism.

Novi Vinodolski is located on the southern part of Kvarner wooded hillside beneath the sagging Chapel, near Vinodolske fertile valleys and coastline beginning Podvelebitski channels.

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I hope that you have decided to visit my beautiful country and plan to come to our shores illuminated full sun, clear sea air, where the smell of pine, lavender, and wild had other, and in the morning wakes you up song of crickets. Experience the history, culture and pristine nature. Swim and dive into the beautiful deep blue sea.

In addition, for the rest of the world and the beautiful places like ours you can see more.

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