The best beaches on the island Krk

Croatian the best beaches are one of the cleanest in the world. Every year more and more is tended beaches with blue flag but I still prefer the hidden coves not intact. Lately I'm very bothered by messy tourists throwing garbage from a ship. Please do not be offended, but thing you come to Croatia because the clear weather and the clean nature.

There are a lot of different beaches sandy, fine gravel, conctere, natural, Blue flag, nudist, rocky ....

Šilo - Beach- island of Krk
Beach-Zadar- Bibinje
sandy beach- Murter
beach Bibinje

Beach Šilo is my favourite on the island. I love this beach when I'm on vacation with friends. The beach is great for kids. The sea is a beautiful crystal clear. From the Beach is the view to the beginning of Crikvenica and Velebit mountains on the lend.

The best beach stretches some 700 to 1000 Km so that you can choose between the sand and stone.

We always go to the camp because it is an open part of the beach so the kids enjoy the afternoon waves.

Around the beach, there are restaurants, fastfood, and bakeries. I have to admit that I like to drink coffee on the terrace near the camp. The service is great.

When we want a little peace and quiet, we go to the little beach. We called it forest, because the field path leads through a pine forest. The beach is located two or three kilometres from the town of Krk and Kornjić. Husband enjoys sleeping in the shadow trees, while children dive starfish and I'm reading a novel in the shallows. Pine branches row above the shallow. There we are a whole day because there is plenty of shade and sometimes we do grill on the small pier all the way in the sea.

The famous beach Vela Baška is on the south of the island.

Has a blue flag, and one of the most beautiful in Kvarner. Along the beach, there are many restaurants and bars. On the beach, there is a large water slide and high slide for the braver ones.

The best beach is part of the gravel and sand in some places for those who want builders sand towers and cities.

My only criticism is that there is no shade. Have only umbrellas. However, it is a beautiful for walk or a swim in the evening.

Beach Baška
Beach Baška

The island of Krk is one of the most beautiful islands and its closeness to the people of Europe is very fast because the destination is connecting to the highway and airport.


I hope that you have decided to visit my beautiful country and plan to come to our shores illuminated full sun, clear sea air, where the smell of pine, lavender, and wild had other, and in the morning wakes you up song of crickets. Experience the history, culture and pristine nature. Swim and dive into the beautiful deep blue sea.

In addition, for the rest of the world and the beautiful places like ours you can see more.

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