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The state Croatia have build in lest years all new highway. Therefore it is easy to travel by car.

From Vienna in Austria, you just need 5 Hours to drive and seat on the beautiful Croatian sea beaches.

atian can drive and experience in two ways.

Quick way is a highway with which links all the major cities in Croatia.

Discover Croatia by road

Zagreb - Rijeka - Istria

Zagreb - Zadar - Sibenik - Split

Zagreb - Osijek - Vukovar

Zagreb - Varazdin

See a detailed map that you can study all directions; calculate the driving time, fuel, and tolls:



Discover Croatia on the map

As everywhere in the world highway, driving is the most expensive ride. Highways in Croatia do not have a vignette. Tolls are paid at the tollbooth on the way out to the highway.

It is good to know how much you travel by car on highway costs to see price link

In addition, if more travelling through Croatia might want to buy a device ETC HIGHWAY USE CHEAPER AND FASTER TO PASS checkout. Electronic toll collection (ETC) is a contactless toll collection method without mediation of a toll attendant in which the toll collection process are conducted by means of an ETC device mounted on the windshield of the driver's car and the antenna in the toll lane.

ETC device may be used as media for electronic toll collection on the following motorways: Zagreb-Split-Plates Motorway Zagreb-Rijeka Motorway, Bregana-Zagreb-Lipovac Motorway, B.Manastir-Osijek-Svilaj Motorway Zagreb-Varazdin-Goričan Motorway, Krk Bridge toll plaza and hole-River

Lika Croatia
Highway Croatia

images from highway travel by car and Discover Croatia


At toll plazas, HAC toll can be paid in cash or by card american, Visa, MasterCard, Diners, Maestro, which is on sale prominently visible marks that are acceptable means of payment, checks and by means of subscription.

Tolls may be paid in foreign currency, the exchange rate on the date of payment.

Highways are equipped with gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, service station, and motel.

Be sure to stop and visit Zir Motel located at 201 km of highway Zagreb - Split on platform Zir.

Good eats and children enjoy the bear. Link

Other services at the resort and the highway you can find here:

I wish you a safe journey and a good ride!

Travel by car and discover Croatia

If you have an adventurous spirit and the journey you are not in a hurry then you need to experience Croatia local road. Over time, you can experience the unique things such as the nature and national parks Plitvice, Knin fortress, National park Krka, castles, ethno village Rastoke and much more. Drive along the coast of the Adriatic highway and experience every bit of its marine beauty. Discover the villages and their inhabitants. Taste authentic foods such as roast lamb, cheese, honey and other local specialties. Such a journey can take your breath away, but also be a challenge.


It's good to know how to behave on Croatian roads.

Be sure to have a belt - all passengers in the car (the penalty is 500 EUR)

Be visible on the road, Keep the lights on day and night, but the law is mandatory only in winter (penalty 300 USD)

Speed ​​limit In built-up areas, the speed limit is 50 km / h, outside the village allowed to drive 90 km / h and on highways limit is 130 km / h (the penalty for speeding is 300-15000 USD).

50-90-130 KM/h

If you drink, do not drive!

It is forbidden to drive with more than 0.5 percent blood alcohol or under the influence of drugs. In certain circumstances, even a small concentration of alcohol is punishable. More than 0.5 percent alcohol in the blood is punishable by 500-15000 Kuna and may result in the suspension of driving license and a driving ban.

Very important, especially for drivers from Australia and the UK

Ride is on the right side of the steering wheel is on the left side of the car. Not terrible if you remember that you're always in the middle of the road either in UK or Croatia.

Do not overtake on the right hand curb or over

On the highway you drive on the right side, the left side is for overtaking

Do not stop the vehicle in the emergency lane for no reason

Do not throw cigarette butts, burning matches, flammable materials and debris from vehicles

To vehicles with the right passage (ambulance, fire and police) while driving a highway, move

To the right from the right or the left bar in the left lane, and on the ordinary road to the right

Do not use the horn for no reason, and if you need to use, do it briefly

To warn other motorists to drive with long lights, signal lights give

In an automobile accident, contact the nearest police station

Important Numbers

Help on the road: 987

Conditions on the road: +385 1 464 08 00 (24 hours a day / seven days a week)

Police: 92

Firefighters: 93

ER: 94

Emergency call: 112!

I wish you a safe journey and a good ride!

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I hope that you have decided to visit my beautiful country and plan to come to our shores illuminated full sun, clear sea air, where the smell of pine, lavender, and wild had other, and in the morning wakes you up song of crickets. Experience the history, culture and pristine nature. Swim and dive into the beautiful deep blue sea.

In addition, for the rest of the world and the beautiful places like ours you can see more.

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